5 Ways to Use Social Media to Increase Your Search Visibility

Are you struggling to figure out which are the ways to get found by today’s technologically advanced prospects during the online search process in a way that media advertising cannot do? Do you aim at ranking in top organic search results and to attract or your business from search engines?

One of the ways that can be helpful to increase ranking is social media. The advent of social media helps businesses to attract and delight those customers, who are the active users of different social media platforms.

According to 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 92% of marketers claimed that social media marketing was important to grow and promote their businesses. According to the same report, 91%+ marketers indicated that the exposure for their business increased thanks to their social media efforts (at least 6 hours per week).

Note: 3720 marketers working in small and large businesses and self-employed have been surveyed.

So, what is the first thing you need to do to get more online exposure for the products your business sells and the services it provides? You need to have a clear plan. Regardless of your experience with social media marketing, it is essential to have S.M.A.R.T. (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) social media marketing strategy. To benefit from social media and get found by the customers, your goals need to be specific and adaptable for each social channel. Here are 5 ways of how to increase organic search visibility with social media marketing.

  • Optimize your social media platforms around your targeted keywords:

Do social monitoring to gather information about your buyer personas. Figure out those keywords they are most likely to use while searching for specific products or services. With the list of keywords that have the best opportunity to rank for you can start optimizing your social media channels. Use those keywords as hashtags and incorporate them into your post content. Include long-tail keywords and keyword phrases in the short and long descriptions of your social media profiles.

  • Post the most relevant, useful and trustworthy content:

Make sure the information you post on your social media profiles does not only contain natural-language questions, sentences, formulas, etc., but is also unique, remarkable and engaging. Your posts should be on-topic, most helpful and provide reliable solutions and answers to the problems of your customers. The moment they start sharing and talking about your most helpful and engaging content, your business is not only likely to go viral, but has the opportunity to also rank higher in the search results. Therefore, aim at increasing the engagement rate by offering focused and timely high-value posts that your followers cannot get anywhere else.

  • Build followers organically:

The total number of followers on your social media channels has a significant influence on your rankings. However, the search engines are becoming smarter these days, and can detect the quality of your followers. Be patient and grow your number of followers slowly. Your audience wants to be special. Understand your audience and consider the type of language, the voice and tone you will use on your social media channels. Communicate with personalized messages, engage in real conversations, and comment on other posts. Your customers want to experience the personality of your brand. Be real! Make the most of it to gain more followers.

  • Find influencers

Collaborate with your community and find influencers. Reach out for a larger audience by leveraging your content on your social medial channels to gain more clicks and shares of your content.

Do you know how @London Instagram account grew to 1,000,000+ followers? In the first year, it was thanks to the shout out from a British celebrity chef, restaurateur, and media personality Jamie Oliver that the account gained 50,000 followers in one day and grew from 0 to 120, 000 followers. In the second year, the account was made a suggested user by Instagram and reached 150m views per month. The number of followers in parallel is growing also due to the London-based authentic community of contributor followers… Read more about the story of @London here.

TIP: To find the key influencers in any area you can use such a tool as BuzzSumo. The tool makes it possible to discover what content influencers share most often and what social networks they use.

  • Get your company or brand on YouTube:

Video is becoming important, according to 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, 57% of marketers use video in their marketing, while 72% plan to increase their video marketing efforts.

Marketing Video
Source: Social Media Examiner

Therefore, be creative and produce high-quality videos, and upload them on YouTube. Videos are likely to gain more clicks if they answer questions and give solutions to the problems your prospects are likely to have. Videos stand out in the search results, therefore, aim at creating how-to videos, short promotional videos, entertaining animations.

Takeaway: Social media is a great way to connect with your prospects and to build an authoritative reputation for your company or brand online. Therefore, develop a social media strategy to ensure strong presence on different social channels and increase your search visibility.

Your social media strategy must take into account what you aim at and who your buyer personas are. It is one of the ways to support you in finding prospective customers. With this in mind, determine which social media platforms you want your business to be visible on and customize your strategy depending on the peculiarities of each social media channel. Create content using natural language and variations of your keywords. Post on regular basis and keep the posts relevant, educational and helpful. Post interaction content and produce videos. Build followers organically and find influencers to reach a larger audience. Analyze in every single thing you do and update your goals on regular basis.

What else are we missing on social media marketing for online visibility? Let us know in the comments!