Internet Marketing: 5 effective sales tools

How to effectively promote your online business and products

Do you think that ecommerce is the easy and perspective way of business? Yes, if you think that it is enough to create website concept, place the appealing images, fill up the product details online and your store will work for you. Be realistic: today there are thousands of online stores in the market, but less than 10% can compete successfully. Running an ecommerce shop is not much different from offline business, and every positive business owner can assure you that key of success are patience, confidence and hard working.

Stand out from the crowd”, “appealing website design”, “clear marketing strategy”… these kind of recommendations you can meet in every guide of online business. There are many inexpensive and effective internet marketing tools. conducted a study “How to effectively promote your online business and products” and highlighted the five most effective ways.

  1. Email marketing

Today, email marketing has become an essential tool for small and medium businesses. It is FREE and practical way to keep clients. For running email marketing, there is no need to write long letters or have a talent of copywriter.

Recommended tools:

  1. Clients Reviews

More than 70% of users pay attention to the client’s reviews before making order. About 72 % of users said that they trust online reviews as personal recommendations. According to research, 95 % of users do not believe in the validity of comments if they see only positive ones. Concerning negative feedbacks, they can increase the spent time of visitors on the site. So, it is not only positive but also negative reviews may significantly help online stores to increase sales.

     3. Contextual Advertising

Contextual advertising is a short text advertisement pay per click, which is targeted to the relevant audience and aimed to increase the sales. Nowadays, many business owners start PPC campaign for attracting new clients.

The advantages of PPC ads are:

  • Attract potential clients
  • Possibility to create text or media ads
  • PPC allows saving budget of the campaign and pay only for visit
  • Allow to configure settings like geography, language, time, age of users, browsers, mobile operators etc.
  • Possibility to follow the conversation level via Google Analytics or Yandex Metrica
  1. Content

Many online entrepreneurs don’t estimate the content that is directly related to their products and services. The exact title of product and detailed description can help clients to trust and make a purchase. Experts researches show that majority of buyers are not looking for a company, but a particular product. The online products without any description can’t help buyers to make purchase. 93% of buyers make a decision based on website appearance: high quality images, call-to-action colors, the existence of video reviews increase the credibility of the store.

      5. Marketplaces

International trade portals are great and easy way to reach millions of potential clients. In addition, by posting your products and services on the market places as online store, the search engines index very quickly your products. The companies are required to place the entire range of goods and services, fill the descriptions, prices, pictures and quickly respond to customer orders.

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